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Component Testing and Screening Services


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DPACI performs 100% screening as well as qualification testing on electronic parts supplied to the high reliability commercial, industrial, space, and U.S. military sectors. We generate software and hardware to test microcircuits, discrete semiconductors, hybrids, PEMS, and other EEE electronic components to exact customer and military specifications. Our engineering experience in electronic parts screening, qualification, and in-house test fixture fabrication allows us to provide value added components in a timely manner. Additionally, we also offer ‘Turn-Key’ solutions to qualification and quality conformance inspection (QCI) to qualify and retain qualification of a new product under MIL-PRF-38535 & MIL-PRF-19500 standards.

We are a DSCC certified laboratory and a DMEA trusted test lab for MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-202 mechanical, environmental, electrical tests performed in-house. From CAD designing to manufacturing printed circuit boards, our fixture fabrication department handles diverse operations to accomplish the most demanding tasks. We also integrate device sockets, connectors, and other electronic components with PCBs to support associated quality assurance testing effort.

Our Turn-Key solutions approach of keeping complete capabilities in-house allows us to better control program costs and minimize schedule delays. Test failures and subsequent re-test requirements can be readily reviewed and reported for quick corrective action. All testing are performed by AS9100 trained and certified personnel. DPACI performs all MIL-STD-883, 750 and 202 tests in-house except for radiation. Radiation testing is performed through DSCC approved partners specializing in this area.

Specifications · DSCC Lab Suitability Tests · Additional Information


Testing Capabilities

Industrial/Commercial to Class B and Class B to Class S Upgrades
Electronic Components Testing/Screening
Quality Conformance Inspection (QCI) in accordance with applicable specifications
Complete in-house Test Fixture Design and Fabrication
Static and Dynamic Test Fixture Inventory and Custom Burn-In Board Archive
Comprehensive Environmental Stress Testing for electronic piece parts
HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Testing) for Pems
All the above to support our manufactured product (microcircuits and hybrids)

Microcircuits Testing Standards

Class B, Class S in accordance with MIL-PRF-38585
Method 5005 for Quality Conformance Inspection (QCI)
MIL-STD-883 Method 5004 for 100% screening

Descrete Semiconductors Testing Standards

JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS equivalent in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500
Mil-Std-750 for 100% screening and QCI

Hybrids Testing Standards

Tested in accordance with customer specifications

Quality Conformance Inspection

Perform QCI to the requirement of MIL-PRF-38535, MIL-PRF-19500 - with DSCC approval

Component Testing Services and Screening (100%)

Burn-In and High Temperature
Constant Acceleration
External Visual
Fine and Gross Leak
Marking / Serialization
Particle Impact Noise Detection Electricals
Radiographic Inspection
Reverse Bias
Temperature Cycle / Shock

QCI (Sampling)

Adhesion to Lead Finish
Destructive Bond Pull
Die Shear Strength
Electrical End Points
ESD Sensitivity Class
HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Testing)
Internal Visual / SEM
Internal Water Vapor
Lead Integrity Lid Torque Life Test
Mechanical Shock
Moisture Resistance (RGA)
Physical Dimensions
Radiation Test
Resistance to Solvents
Salt Atmosphere
Substrate Attach

Typical B Level Screen (100% Screening Process Flow)

External Visual
Final Electricals (25, -55, 125c)
Hermetic Seal, Fine and Gross
Initial Electricals (25c)
Part Marking
Percent Defective Allowable
QCI per M38535
Static Power Burn-In (160h)
Temperature Cycling / Shock

Typical S Level Screen (100% Screening Process Flow)

Delta Calculations
Dynamic Burn-In (240h)
External Visual
Final Documentation
Final Electricals (-55, 25, 125c)
HAST for Pems
Hermetic Seal, Fine & Gross
High Temperature Reverse Bias (HTRB)
Initial Electricals (25c)
Interim Electricals (25c)
Part Marking
Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND)
Percent Defective Allowable
Post Burn-In Electricals
QCI per M38535
Temperature Cycling / Shock

Microcircuit screening procedure for hermetic Class “Q” QML microcircuits

Burn-in test
Constant acceleration
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitivity
External Visual
Final electrical measurements (Static / Dynamic / Switching tests)
Interim (post burn-in) electrical parameters
Interim (pre burn-in) electrical parameters
Internal visual
Percent defective allowable (PDA) calculation
Seal (Fine/Gross)
Temperature cycling
Wafer acceptance

Microcircuit screening procedure for hermetic with Class “V” Augmentation

240 hour Burn-in with deltas
Data package
High temperature reverse bias (HTRB)
Nondestructive bond pull (NDBP)
Particle impact noise detection (PIND)
Pre-Cap Visual Inspection
Radiographic inspection (X-RAY)
Read and record variables data
Residual gas analysis (RGA)
Wafer Lot Acceptance Test (LAT)

Microcircuit TCI procedure for hermetic packaged devices

Group A, M38535 Table III
Group B, M38535 Table II
Group C, M38535 Table IV
Group D, M38535 Table V
Group E (RHA), M38535 Table B-1

Radiation Testing

Dose Rate - Linac and Flash X-ray
Gamma Rays
Neutron - Reactor
Single Event Effects - Cyclotron and Van de Graaff Accelerator
Total Dose - Electrons and Co60

DSCC Lab Suitability Tests

Tests883 Method
Moisture Resistance1004
Steady State Life Test1005/A-E
Salt Atmosphere1009/A
Temperature Cycling1010/C
Thermal Shock1011/B
Seal / Leak Test1014/A1, C1
Burn-In Test1015/A-E
Internal Water Vapor1018
Constant Acceleration2001/D, E, (Y1)
Mechanical Shock2002/B
Lead Integrity2004/B
Vibration, Variable2007/A
Freq. External Visual2009
Destructive Bond Strength2011/D
Internal Visual for DPA2013
Internal Visual and Mechanical2014
Resistance to Solvents2015
Physical Dimensions2016
Die Shear2019
Particle Impact Noise Detection2020/A, B
Non-Destructive Bond Pull2023
Lid Torque2024
Adhesion of Lead Finish2025
Substrate Attachment Strength2027
PGA Destructive Lead Pull2028
ESD Sensitivity Class3015
Electrical TestsPARA. 4.5.9

Additional Information

Industries Served

  • Military
  • Space
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical and Electronics

Quality Policy

  • Providing quality components, testing, and analytical services at a fair price.
  • Meeting and striving to improve upon customer due dates for shipments.
  • Meeting and/or exceeding customer service expectations in a responsive, timely manner.
  • Providing Total Solutions to our customers' requirements by offering more capabilities and alternatives in-house.
  • Involving all employees in personnel development programs to continually improve all processes by which our business is conducted.

Quality Clauses

  • AS-1 GROUP = AS9100 Requirement on all Purchase Orders
  • AS-2 GROUP = Clauses for Purchasing Deliverables or Outside Services on Deliverables
  • Individual Quality Provisions / Clauses for Purchasing Deliverables or Outside Services on Deliverables



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